The Battle of Austerlitz will be reminded by several events

Reminding of this European significant event starts in the half of November

Municipalities on the Austerlitz battlefield or even Brno, Vyskov and Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz). From 18th November to the first weekend in December towns and villages that were part of the battle area 212 years ago will come back to year 1805 which was the year that had tragic impact to local citizens´ lives.

Series of military-historical events will begin with Napoleon´s walk through Brno 18th November. Second march of soldiers in Brno will happen on Thursday 30th November together with the Meeting in Denis Sets.

Main happening dedicated to Napoleonic history in the Central Europe will take place on the Austerlitz Battlefield and in affected villages during 1st to 3rd December. Top event is Saturday´s battle show under the Santon Hill (14:00) near Tvarozna where about 1 thousand of soldiers in periodic uniforms, 60 horses and 15 canons will participate.

Two days program referencing especially to events previous to Napoleon´s victory and following life in the Austerlitz chateau and culminating on Saturday with soldiers parade and fireworks (20:00) will await visitors of Austerlitz town (Slavkov u Brna). Town centre will turn to historic craft fair.

On Friday 1st December is happening also traditional military historical program “French in Krenovice”. On Zuran Hill “The Fires of Jirikovice” are going to burn. Reminder of battle of Sokolnice will take place in local chateau park on Sunday morning.

Program attracts tens of thousands visitors every year from the country and abroad. Commemorative events include not only battle re-enactments but also acts of piety reminding tens of thousands victims in 1805 in Moravia.

That weekend program is going to end near from symbol of piece – The Cairn of Piece on Prace Hill (Sunday 12:00) where representatives of government, region, churches, embassies and municipalities in presence of men in uniforms of three participating nations will honor memory of soldiers and citizens whose lives were affected by this great battle.

“Events associated with the battle of Austerlitz are even after two hundred years opportunity to pause and think about meaning of maintaining peace in Europe and also reminding that no victory of one nation over the other is eternal and it always takes so many innocent victims. I very much appreciate there are still people in our society for whom it is very important to not forget these facts. It is also necessary to highlight the quality of events reminding Napoleon´s campaign in Moravia, which are organized on a long-term basis and on a world level, helping to make the region not only as region itself but also the whole Czech Republic visible,” said Governor of the South Moravian Region Bohumil Simek.

A program of more than forty historical retrospectives is unique not only to mass-attended events. Atmosphere is illustrated especially by events referring to partial events such as the burning of Jirikovice, the occupation of Krenovice by the French or fights in Vyskov. There are hundreds of military-historical club members from all over the world including leading world impersonators of the main historic persons of the conflict that will march through the region.

Events are coordinated from the regional level. As every year, for example, public transport and information service are enhanced. The novelty of this year’s events is a joint promotion focused on where visitors will be informed not only about the program, but also with practical information on transport, parking or admissions.

Most events are available for free. The program called “Battle of Austerlitz 1805” was significantly supported by the South Moravian Region and individual towns and municipalities. The main media partner is Czech Television. The media partner is Czech Radio Brno.


Information for editors

“The Battle of Austerlitz 1805” program consists of several events organized by various subjects mostly from the towns and municipalities. The largest event – the reconstruction of the battle under the Santon Hill is part of a larger program called “Austerlitz 2017”. The main points of the program are not only a Saturday´s battle show at the village of Tvarozna, but also a Sunday ´s act of piety on the Cairn of Peace near Prace – the place of the most difficult fighting in the battle of three emperors. As a part of the Austerlitz Project, AusterlitzPro, s.r.o., Central European Napoleonic Company, Tvarozna and Prace have been organizing it for a long time.

Part of the program situated in Brno (Napoleon in Brno and the Meeting in Denis Sets) is directed by the Regional Development Agency South Moravia – Napoleonic Moravia and association 1645, z.s. The battle show in Sokolnice is being prepared by the Acaballado Association in cooperation with the town of Slapanice. The program in Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz), Vyskov, Krenovice and other municipalities is provided by individual towns and municipalities. Also the association of municipalities Cairn of Piece – Austerlitz, o.p.s. is included to the project.

Service information for the event will be available at More detailed information on the program, historical context, etc. are available on the following websites:                            project “Austerlitz 2017 “                                town Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz) official websites            project “Napoleonic Moravia“                                 town Vyskov official websites                     event “Napoleon in Brno” websites                       association Cairn of Piece – Austerlitz websites