Austerlitz will be accompanied by the story of Jan Nepomuk Prokeš


Thursday, November 29th

Accompanying program

18:00 church service for the fallen victims of the Battle of Austerlitz – Temple of The Lord´s Resurrection

19:00 Václav Hudeček – concert for the 213th anniversary of the Battle of Austerlitz organised by the association Cairn of Piece – Austerlitz. Entry is free.


Friday, November 30th

18:00 Concert Klapa sol, vocal music band from partner town Pag, The Chateau chapel

19:00 – 22:00 “Austerlitz, genius loci”: costumed Chateau tours and Empire ball

Chateau courtyard

19:00 Arrival of the Austrian and Russian Emperor

Folk festivity

Movie premiere from the Moravian Elegy cycle – story of Jan Nepomuk Prokeš


Saturday, December 1st

9:00 – 22:00

Pre-Christmas fair – town centre and Chateau courtyard


Event opening with soldiers’ parade at the town hall, Palackého square

10:00 – 16:00

“Once in Austerlitz” commented soldiers´ training and battle clashes show – Palackého square


Battle show, part 1 – Chateau garden


Church service for the fallen – Temple of the Lord´s Resurrection


Medal handing over to the founders of the memorial events tradition – Historical hall of the Chateau


Soldiers´ defile through the town (Brněnská Street – Church – Chateau garden)


Battle show, part 2 and final multimedia show with fireworks – Chateau garden

Accompanying program: 9:00 – 21:00 opened Temple of the Lord´s Resurrection


Austerlitz will be accompanied by the story of Jan Nepomuk Prokeš. Slavkov will remember the atmosphere of 1805
on Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st.

How did soldiers in Europe experience Napoleonic campaign? How did the military service affect not only them but their families and loved ones? These questions will be answered by two-day program “Once in Austerlitz”, which will tell a story of Jan Nepomuk Prokeš, an Austrian artillery artisan from South Moravia, this year. His fate will be acquainted by short films projected in Chateau courtyard and Saturday’s battle show. There will be two shows this year – Saturday at 12:00 and 20:00. Unique night roar will be accompanied by pyrotechnic effects and final fireworks.

The program in Slavkov u Brna will start on Thursday, November 29th with a church service for the victims of the Battle in the Temple of the Lord´s Resurrection and following concert of violin virtuoso Václav Hudeček in Historical Hall of the Chateau. The organizer is the Association Cairn of Peace – Austerlitz which makes this unique experience accessible for free.

Also Friday´s program begins with music. Croatian vocal music group Klapa Sol from partner town Pag will be presented in Chateau´s chapel at 18:00

Welcoming of the Russian and Austrian Emperors will follow on the Chateau courtyard. This year’s multimedia show will be completed by screening first two parts of short films from the Moravian Elegy cycle. The story of Jan Nepomuk Prokeš will be presented to the audience on the screen as well as during the battle shows. The movie hero will be moving among soldiers personally afterwards.

This year visitors can see special animated tours of evening Chateau again and experience atmosphere similar to 1805. Even the Empire ball will not be missed.

From Saturday morning there will be fair craft standing on Palackého square and soldiers with craftsmen, townsfolk and nobility will be coming.

At the historical town hall there will be a military – historical program and in the chateau park there will be a military camping show.

Chateau garden is going to witness two battle clashes. From 12:00 hundreds of soldiers will occupy lower part or the garden. A similar show but shrouded in darkness and illuminated by light and pyrotechnic effects will then take place from 20:00. A unique battle show with the final fireworks will also be preceded by the defiles of the soldiers.

The program in Slavkov u Brna will also be true to its piety. Throughout the day the Temple of the Lord´s Resurrection will be open and at 13:00 there will be service for the fallen.

The organizer is Slavkov u Brna town and Chateau Slavkov – Austerlitz. The event takes place with the support of the South Moravian Region. The main media partner of the commemorations and memorial events Battle of Austerlitz 1805 is Czech Television.